Thursday, June 15, 2006

booth is a band

That's right! I finally got all my shit together and finished my first album (album by quantity, ep by length). Download it and spread it all around and give it to bums on the corner. Drunken Bicycle will be putting out a proper release with a booklet and shit, but till then this little zip file will do the trick. thanks for your time.

Booth! - Memory

Thursday, June 01, 2006

like a crack in a wall

At this point in my life I am stuck between doing things the way an "adult" would do them and the way a "child" would do them. One of the many things that attracted me to the ideas of both Punk and DIY (not the tv channel, sorry) is the immediacy of solving a problem. No good music in your town? Start a band! No one speaking for you? Speak for Yourself! No one housing art? Put up a gallery in your living room! I have always equated those to things (punk and diy) with a childish way of thinking. I mean that as the highest compliment. Children dont seem to be so caught up in how something should be done, they just want it done. A tree branch in the way of doing something you want to do? Do you track down a saw (borrow or buy?) and a ladder some goggles and develop a plan? Or do you just grab the fucker and break it? You want to put out a record of your songs. Do you play a bunch of local shows, then pay money to play shows in hollywood in hopes of meeting someone interested in possibly putting it out? Or do you record it and release it yourself? Just because a bunch of people are doing something one way doesnt mean you cant do it a different way and still be succesful, or, rather, as succesful as you want to be. Everyday we get older and we compromise a little piece of what made childhood so magical untill is all gone and all we have left is a career and no friends. I think the kids have figred something out, I hope I don't forget it.