Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A couple of thoughts as I drink tea this morning.

Octomom makes me sick to my stomach. Pretty much everything about her. The babies, new and old. The media frenzy. The reality show. (I'm not sure if there is one, but there has to be, right?) And the fact that I know about her to begin with.

Nostradamus was a genius. I doubt he is right, but man that guy was in the right place at the right now. Writing a bunch of stuff, and, as I am finding out today, drawing a bunch of stuff that is vague enough to convince most people he could see the future? Pure Genius.

Tea is done. I am done. Time for school.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Birthdays for babies

This girl I know is having a birthday. It's a strange mix of people
who are younger than me. It's par for the course at this point. There
are songs playing that have no bearing over my life, but these kids
love them. But this isn't about that, it's about this.

This guy named Anthony is getting left, and it's not me.

Tonight was, apparently, a do or die night. And he died. That's his
fault, not mine. I used to worry about that stuff, but now I concern
myself with myself.

It's been interesting to watch though, because he's been fucking up
every chance he's had. He's dozed off next to me for about 26
minutes. Poor bastard.

At least he is spared from the Sublime sing-a-long, no one deserves

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