Monday, April 24, 2006

This one's gonna get a little rough.

Well, I warned you.

Fuck you for posting and reposting and reposting that shitty bulletin about boycotting Exxon Mobil to lower gas prices. Fuck me for continuing to buy gas and not ride my bike. And Fuck All Of Us for thinking this is how everything has to be.

First the bulletin. I'm sure if you are reading this, you've seen it, an email forward or a bulletin about how some guy who used to work for coke and his Halliburton friend figured out a way to take the gas prices back for the people. I hate to say it, but if you think some asshole from coca-cola (a former executive no less) and his dipshit Halliburton friend give a shit about us and how much we have to pay for gas, then I hope you have no retirement when your older, because you are an idiot. The idea is that if Mobil Exxon isn’t selling any gas, well, they HAVE to lower prices, because they have to make money. That makes sense, right? This is the same company that owns all Exxon stations, all Mobil stations, all On-The-Run convenience stores, sells Mobil brand oil for automobiles and crazy other accessories, Esso (a world wide brand I guess) and that wonderful speedpass technology. Us not buying gas from them DOES NOT AFFECT THEIR BUSINESS.
The bulletin also says " Since we all rely on our cars, we can't just stop buying gas". This kills me two ways, but will stick with the easy one first.

We still have to buy gas, but from who? Shell? Chevron? 76? AM/PM? Mom & Pop's no name gasoline? Those are our main choices, lets look at something from FORBES magazine:

from the issue GLOBAL 2000: THE BIGGEST COMPANIES IN THE WORLD (I'm shaking already)

Rankings, Highest to Lowest
6 - Exxon/Mobil - Exxon, Mobil, etc.
7 - Royal Dutch/Shell Group - Shell, etc.
8 - BP (British Petroleum) AM/PM, BP, etc.
16 - Chevron - Chevron, duh!
22 - ConnocoPhillips - 76, Phillips 66, etc.

We are talking TENS of BILLIONS and HUNDREDS of BILLONS of U.S. Dollars in sales, profits and assets in 2005!

Sorry if I don’t expect not giving money to the 6th largest company in the world but giving it to the 7th to actually do anything but make my ass hurt every time I pump gas.

Oh Yeah! I forgot Mom and Pop stores.

From The California Energy Commission’s Web Site, page entitled: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: California Gasoline Price Increases

Does a free market really exist with gasoline? It seems all the gasoline stations sell at the same price.

This is untrue. There are differences between stations and prices. Some stations have lower prices because they typically do not take credit cards - they take only cash or ATM cards. Credit cards can add about two to three percent to the cost of the transaction. This extra cost is passed on to the customer in higher prices at the pump for the convenience of using a credit card. Other stations, such as independents and so-called "Mom and Pop" stations usually have lower prices because they do not have multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to convince you to buy their product. So, their prices usually are lower than the "name brand" stations.

The independents and non-branded stations buy gasoline usually on what's called the unbranded "spot" market. This is the wholesale market that is most vulnerable to refinery problems and the fluctuating cost of crude oil. The price is normally lower than the branded wholesale prices. But we can have unbranded prices soar higher than branded prices when the supplies get tight. So, the independents and "Mom and Pop" stations sometimes will have to price their gasoline higher than branded stations.

I’m not going to explain that one, it seems pretty easy to me.

A little reading, a little research and I feel much better about myself… but do I?


I refer back to the “Since we rely on our cars, we can’t just stop buying gas”


We can actually stop buying gas. And stop paying car insurance. And stop paying for repairs on things we don’t understand and can’t do ourselves. We can stop driving.

Why not? It’s inconvenient. Well, it’s inconvenient for me to spend a hundred bucks a month on gas, but I do it, without a second thought. I know people who spend less, and I bet a whole lot of people spend more.

What all this information/thought/analysis/swearing comes down to is that I hate buying gas, and I hate that I don’t do anything about it. The easiest thing for me to do is stop buying it. To stop driving all together. I will be healthier. I will be happier. And damnit it if I won’t have an extra hundred bucks every month. Or I might have to work even less. That’s more time for my family, my friends, and to ride my bike.

So find a new job, one closer to home, ride your bike there and keep the money you save to buy a homeless person a bike, or give it to the government, or buy a bigger purse, whatever. Just realize that we can actually fit the solution to high gas prices between our legs.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

anthony's alphabatized party!

so bill did this one time, and i didnt have itunes, becasue my computer was old, but now i have it, so i did it. basically you alphabatize your songs and pick the first of each letter.

A A-Word Pnihead Circus

B Baboon The Mountain Goats

C Calendar Girl The Stars

D D's Car Jam & Anxious Mo-Fo Minutemen

E Each Coming Night Iron & Wine

F Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) Otis Redding

G Gainsville in August - Gunmoll

H Hair Raising Accounts of Ghosts Modern Life is War

I I Bad Brains

J J'amais Carrie Nations

K Keep the Hurt at Bay - Moneybrother

L Labor Day The Dead Milkman

M Ma Jolie Bear Vs. Shark

N Nagasaki is Yesterday's Dog-End '84 - Crass

O O'Rourke's, 1:20 A.M. The Good Life

P Padded Cell Black Flag

Q Q. How Many Punks Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? Dillinger Four

R R.O.A.D.A.D. This Bike is A Pipe Bomb

S s.k.i.n.h.e.a.d - MDC

T T.S.R. (This Shit Rules) Against Me!

U Ugly Violent Femmes

V Va Donc Chier The Sainte Catherines

W Waiting for the End of the World Elvis Costello

X Xmas Eve Born Against

Y Y'all Don't Wanna Step To Dis Against Me!

Z Zing Pong None More Black

not really representative of songs i like a bunch, but thats ok. against me! is the only repeat, and me and bill both have TSR for out T's YEA!

you should do it now too.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I gave up on me too.

so last summer some people that i know (bill, kierin, dan, myself) we're chatting it up on a message board, posting silly pictures and comics, planning parties, and best of all, putting up mixes. i miss that shit, so starting today, and continuing every friday untill i forget to do it, i'm going to put together a mix and upload it to the neither regions of the internet. so here you go

4.21.06 - We Don't Have Many Days Left Together

Suggested Reading - On Subbing by Dave Roche & Chapters One and Two of The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

Suggested Drinking - Two 32's of Miller High Life and a shot of Jameson

About "We Don't Have Many Days Left Together"
Just a collection of some stuff I have been listening to lately. Thanks to Dan for help on cock sparrer and reminding me about "Dragged Back In" Big ups to Bill for mentioning Drag tthe River some night I was way drunk and wasn't able to remember it till this week.

How to Listen to "We Don't Have Many Days Left Together"
Connect to a very loud stereo. Use an ipod, a cd you burned of it, your computer, whatever. Open one Miller High Life. DANCE! Take a shot during the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. Open a second High Life. Dance some more! Go outside, ride a bike, then kiss your mom. - We Don't Have Many Days Left Together

Have a great Weekend- Booth!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's a struggle

So I made a little playlist today. It made me happy. Then I see Whit put up a suggestion of things to listen to, so I thought, "I could put up my playlist for today". I did.

Monday, April 10, 2006

your nose is bleeding

conversation had with me last night : well, I don't know why I have them (condoms), I don't use them, I mean, I'm on birth control, but I'd be in major trouble if I got pregnant, I'd kill myself if I got pregnant, well, not me, just the baby.

Pure hilarity. Thats all I got. More tonight.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

If I Blog About Reno, Does That Make Me Dirty?

So, the other day I drove two hours , by myself, through rain , sleet, snow, and hail, to the "wonderful" city that is Reno, NV. I felt like the Post Office. (not the Postal service, I was too happy to be them.) Since I had driven the two hours, and I had conviced myself the weather was only going to get worse, (and i didn't have chains, chains are to expensive! I felt like i was buying a grill.) I stayed the night! And where did I stay? No where else but the casino named after a kitchen instrument, the PEPPERMILL! I had been there before, the summer of 2002, so it was a homecoming of sorts.That is my kick ass room. Yeah, I have two beds, what are you going to do, sleep in one? THATS RIGHT! Even though I told the desk guy that it was just me (after he politely declined my credit card. It might have been the first time he said "your credit card was declined" and someone said "yeah, I know". Good old paypal debit card.) But said gentlemen still gave me TWO room keys and TWO beds. Apparently he wanted to meet a platonic friend that evening. Strange man.
That is the wonderful view from my room. Second floor, right by the elevator, BEAUTIFUL! (if you were able to look to the left there would be an empty pack of marlboro reds and a door. It was strange) So I realize that I have not mentioned the reasoons for this trip to reno. If you dont have a reason to be in reno, you might as well mainline some heroin, because your life is over. I was there for the first night of the latest Alkaline Trio tour. Old songs, good times, blah blah blah, if you really care about the circumstances go to punknews.orgWell the opening band, and the only band to play besides Alkaline Trio was AGAINST ME! <-- That's thier ! not mine. They were wonderful as always, and got me that fun, "i need to be in a band" choked up a couple times, and I love them, FOR-EV-ER! That is Matt Skiba in a funny hat. All was forgiven because they played goddamnit from start to finish and a bunch of other good songs too. No 97, but no night can be perfect right? I had myself a good time at the show, but I have to say this about "Reno Punx": what have you done with your lives? The show wasn't sold out, and I have a very good feeling that 10% of the crowd had heard eternal cowboy by against me!, let alone anything BEFORE that. It was a nice upswing to the 25% of the crowd that had actually listened to goddamnit before, but fucking christ kids, come on! How can Burn get the best reaction out of all the songs played? (the only song played off of the new album, unless that shitty song about having a bad time at one of dans parties is on that album too, i block that song out) They played San Francisco, you dumb motherfuckers! I saw them close a show with SANFRANCISCO, after they played RADIO. I hate you reno, I hate you tons! All that bitching aside, the bands were good, the sound was good, and when I talked to Warren from against me! before they played he was nice, as always.So after that I went to the 7-11 by my casino. (technically it is a hotel to, but it is so much cooler to say "my casino" than "my hotel") I bought that wonderful six pack of budlight while talking to bill on the phone. I drank that, talked to lawley, (who is in europe, that dumb cunt!(just kidding, she's not dumb! wink!)) and went and gambled. Texas Tea? It's for bitches! Shake your BOOTY? Its for BOOTH! I did all right, won some money and fell asleep to sportscenter. A perfect ending to a wonderful evening! I drove home the next day, shitty weather, I survived.

The moral to this story is that Reno reminds me of what fremont st in vegas was probably like in 1992, and the punks there are lazy. I hope none of my friends decide to get married in Reno, because it would take a lot to not miss their wedding. I would consider paying the wedding chapel fees difference so they could get married in vegas. Dont get any ideas Bill, you portablepoptartloving bastard!