Wednesday, November 28, 2007

to california to texas witha belly full of whiskey

In twelve hours, I will be in an airplane. It will have been in the air for probably an hour. I will be trying to convince Bill to drink something silly with me. It will be like most thursdays.

We are going to Dallas, to hang out with my Dad and StepMom, to attend the impending slaughter of the packers by the cowboys (GO BEARS!), to drink lone star, to celebrate my stepmom's birthday, and thanksgiving, and christmas.

If you aren't doing anything tomorrow night, and you are lucky enough to get the nfl network, watch the game. We'll be sitting in section 101, seats 3,4,5 and 6. We might show up for field goals. We made shirts tonight. My parents get cowboy colors. Bill and mine are Orange and Blue. They say:

"Tank's Gun Club"


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i put 25 years of living into 3 days.

Friday - up by 10, drinks by 11, lunch with whit, shots, beer, football, beer and pizza, shots, beer, shots, karaoke, shots, beer! bed by 3:30

Saturday - up by 6:45, yard sale, pizza, beer, brandy, beer, shots, hip hop, beer, shots, dancing, beer, shots, beer, party, more party, more dancing, more beer! bed by 3:00

Sunday - up by 8:45, little cleaning, mimosas, football, beer, pizza, BEARS!, beer, fries, beer, coffee with whiskey and kahlua, grilled cheese, football, beer, bed by 12:30.

My body is close to being recuperated. Of course I drank some beers and jager and watched football. I have today off, not from work, but from being awesome, and then it should all pick back up tomorrow.

The move is coming up pretty fast. Working on roommates or rooms and jobs and everything. Its going to be very exciting. I got about 5 weeks till I'm out of here.

I'm going to take a long shower. I might be filthy.

I put a bunch of pictures on the old flickr, from the party and florida.

check it -

Friday, November 16, 2007

a few songs for me on my birthday - mix

So I put together these songs because I like them a lot. I hope you enjoy them too.

Now I must go convince my roommates to do a sake bomb with me.

a few songs for me on my birthday -

The Disaster March - The Lawrence Arms
Love Story - Lagwagon
Anchor - Osker
You Must Be Willing - Against Me!
Hollywood Cemetery - Strike Anywhere
Little Dawn - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Fuck You Larry Koesche, I Hope You Starve And Die Someday - The Broadways
Your Child Is Dead - Off With Their Heads
Sun Belt Scars - Banner Pilot
A Song With No Words - Burning Airlines
jack of all trades - Hot Water Music
Always Have, Always Will - The Impossibles
Anchorless - Propagandhi
Broadway - Pteradon

Thursday, November 15, 2007

five hours...

I should be at work. They are assholes. We all know this. Instead I am counting the minutes to midnight.

Lately I have taken to referring to my birthday as the end of my life.

It's funny, but not the case.

Things will only get more exciting and awesome.

I'll do my best to keep this place up to date the next couple days. Pictures, recaps, guest posts, whatever!

I'll be putting a mix tomorrow. I haven't decided what will be on it, but it will be good.

If you are bored you should make one too. Or send me something to put up here. Or do a shot in celebration.

Or hump a volkswagen...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the neverending battle of will and want

the want: a pile of my possessions in the desert catching fire.
the will: a dirty bedroom floor.

the want: a single-finger salute to my bosses.
the will: a reverse goatee.

the want: writing new songs and singing them in circles with friends.
the will: practice? are we talking about practice?

the want: a family dinner.
the will: fake chicken, plastic plates, dr pepper.

the want: more life moments from john cusack movies.
the will: more life moments from a bootlegged movie.

the want: more.
the will: less.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pepper's Hates Beards

Saturday I was told to shave off my beard for work. That I couldn't have it anymore. The same beard I had when I was hired, and when I worked at the pepper's in sacramento, the same beard I had for almost the whole time I worked there. SO saturday they told me I had to get rid of it.

Right before my birthday.


So this is what they get!

4 more days.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

choose or loose

Does MTV still do that? I know they don't show videos anymore, and they cast maid of honors for reality weddings, and they continue to perpetuate stereotypes that lead to affluent white kids having shittily themed parties. (And I gladly leave my birthday plans out of that one. Seriously. How many of those bastard kids know about the five percent nation? That's what I thought. Besides, drinking a forty isn't ironic, its cheap.)

Now that is out of the way. Karaoke songs.

I have been trying to figure out what karaoke song would "do it for me". Its a good question. As mentioned previously, I am not super excited when a woman sings some sort of woman empowerment song. Not because I am anti-women's liberation. But because I don't want to hear a woman scorned singing a song by a woman scorned about being a woman scorned. Call me old fashioned.

When I karaoke, I like to sing songs by women. To some segment of the crowd it's shocking. Maybe. Probably not. But it opens the door to theatrics more than a korn song. Most songs by guys are warbly and screamy and growly, and I am not good at those things. I'm not even good at singing. It is easier to stumble through a song by a lady because my vocal gymnastics are limited.

So I think the criteria for a song that would do it for me would be this. Anthemic. Not too short. A breakdown. And by a member of the opposite sex. So if you really want to get me, you should probably brush up on your meatloaf. And if you want to get your shy friend to duet with you on "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", well, I might have to buy the two of you breakfast. ;)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

whose excited for a quarter life crisis?

I am definitely. On the 16th, I will be aged 25. I am looking forward to it. Not as much as 27 and the whole return of saturn thing, but 25 will do for a year. I basically just wanted to show off the flyer I made for the festivities. If you're interested, show up!

my first sin was a young american girl

A couple of days ago Bill and I hung out. We got my money back on a car battery, we had lunch, we went shopping. Our shopping consisted of a single stop at a LEVI outlet. I bought some pants, some skinny jeans, something I have been enjoying lately. Bill bought some pants too. I knew the girl who rang up our purchases.

It was Kimmy Martinez. The first girl I ever kissed.

And by kissed, I mean kissed. Behind a church, after a youth church meeting; tongue, teeth and erections.

(For the longest time when I was making out, I was aroused. It still happens today. Some women inspire the hardest erections with the slightest touch. I am fourteen.)

So there she was, working part or full time at a retail establishment that saw less than 35 customers a day. And she looked the same, how I remembered her. Her body was slimmer, her face was the same. I caught her looking at me the way she periodically did back then; head down a little, eyes pushed up as high as possible, as if she was a librarian looking over her reading glasses. For a second I was thrown back to those days, being 14, knowing nothing about women, but wanting to know everything. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her now, but that thought soon left with the realization that it could never happen again, and it shouldn't.

See, she has a boyfriend, and a child, and what would appear to be a full time job. Her parents live in San Francisco, one brother is married, one is toiling away in a horrible band, at least the last I heard that was the case.

And me...

Some ways I am the same. Parents in different places. In some ways I am different. No children, no siblings, no significant other.

So we said goodbye. Said it was good to see each other. Said we hoped to see each other again.

And that was probably the biggest lie of them all.

Monday, November 05, 2007

For Hilly: of Scorpios and Blogging - MIX

Yesterday was Hilly's birthday. I didn't go have brunch with her. I didn't tell her I couldn't make it. I didn't send her an e-card. I didn't send her a real card. I didn't do anything to actually acknowledge it was her birthday. So here is a mix for her, on the occasion of being old enough to drink in bars. You're 21, right?

Sidenote. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. Apparently one of these songs was on it. Whatever. Fuck TV. My friend told me about it and I think it's good. So there.

So celebrate Hilly's birthday with me. At 5:00pm pacific I will do a shot in her honor. You should too.

For Hilly: of Scorpios and Blogging -
The Navasink Banks - Gaslight Anthem
Secret Letters - Erin Tobey
For Esme - Jawbreaker
Modern Love - The Last Town Chorus
A Sunday - Jimmy Eat World
Wait At Milano - Tim Barry
Fear and Tera and Scarlet O'hara - Dan Padilla
Old College Try - The Mountain Goats
Overkill - Dashboard Confessional
The Temperature is Dropping - Defiance, Ohio
Uncorrected Proofs - The Weakerthans

Thursday, November 01, 2007

why i grow a beard

for the same reason i...

  • drink malt liquor from paper bags in my bedroom
  • my throat is sore after I see my favorite bands
  • don't vote
  • rent a home with my friends while people I know are buying them
  • can never find a bad time to put on a good record
  • write songs and sing them without knowing how
  • ride a bicycle in a tuxedo shirt
  • am jealous of people who spend most of their year in a van and on other people's floors
  • have a hard time making it through every work day
  • cry at weddings
  • tell my parents I love them
  • don't answer email even though I have 100 different things I want to say
Friday is a day off, after one day on, after 8 off.

Even if I don't tell you, I love you.

our (almost)hero returns from abroad

I've been back in California a few days. Halloween came and went with much less then a mild yawn. Spending four days in a row seeing some of the best bands ever, drinking some of the best beer and singing and shouting with some of your best friends will make you forget about halloween.

So, about this announcement. Yes, I decided where I am moving to. I am very excited. Very. Excited. I'm looking forward to not driving and going to more shows and not slanging peppers' margaritas and hopefully sitting next to a fire place.

Chicago, here I come.

My expected departure date from California is December 23rd. Mark your calenders.

I am walking to the liquor store. We will speak again soon.