Thursday, December 29, 2005

those days are gone

begining in 5 or so days i will go from having three addresses to only one. something about living in lancaster made it seem like it made total sense to move from a house and not change your address. it seemed to float in the air, somewhere between the leftover smog that made the quick journey up the 14 and the oppressive heat. im going to be spending the next 5 or so months learning how to say hella and seeing how corrupt our state politcal system is up close, and hopefully figuring out some sort of truth that will improve my golf game. it will be a nice little break from some things, a painful seperation from others, and hopefully a joyous return, like the prodigal son, but backwards. if i dont see you between now and then, take care, and if i do, you should buy me a drink. keep your fingers crossed and your fist raised high. this year could finally be our year! (or something ridiculously ridiculous like that)