Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Incredible Ham Radio Network of Panhandlers

NP: Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day

I'm not exactly sure how they did it, but it happend, but it did. I have always been pretty good about giving money to homeless people/panhandlers/gutter punks. While I lived in Sacramento I had more disposable income, so I gave a little more often. It also turned out that there was more homeless people/etc. in Sacramento. So this went on for a few months, and now I'm back in Lancaster, and its the same down here. Im pretty sure there aren't more "beggers" down here then there were when I left. What I think happened was at one of the monthly meetings of "The Intercoastal Panhandlers Union" (IPU) one of the board members brought up my name and the fact that I was moving back to the Antelope Valley, and they made a unanimous decision to faxtelegraph/ham radio my name and description to the local chapter of IPU in the AV. Now they all know about me and the change is flying right out of my pockets. Here's to the panhandlers!


billpinkel said...

I was this close (tiny space hand gesture) to getting my Ham Radio license when I was in 4th grade. My dad's a Ham and he pressured me but I was daunted about learning Morse Code. Just another of my life's regrets.

Derby said...

Well that's one nice thing about Minn. It's freaking cold for people to go out and beg for shit. I haven't given any money to anyone since I moved back It's quite nice actually but I do miss the fullfillment I recieved by giving someone with head lice and fumunda cheese a cold pepsi and a 20 spot.

Whit said...

I think they should just stick with the string and tin cans. That way they can keep connected and floss. Thanks to Ham Radio homeless people are starting to get bad teeth. That's why I don't give them money, I pass out Dentyne- four out of five dentists and all that.