Monday, July 10, 2006

for the two people who bug me about it (and the other couple who mention it in passing)

somethings you do for money and somethings you do for love

a quick update with no real explanation of my abscence:
my days are filled with cans/bottles of beer, writing songs and singing them, a tasty little band called the mountain goats, and until recently a mouse.

my dad is moving to texas at the end of the month. on or around august 1st I will become the relative i have in the antelope valley. no parents, no cousins, no uncles, nothing. it's like a reverse moving away. it will be strange, but it will also free me of that famial(?) tie, so i could possibibly hit the road whenever i wanted.

i enjoy the shit out of high fidelity. it resonates. which is really a shitty thing to say. anyways. sometimes i feel like the john cusack character in the movie. mainly only the part where he says something about having one foot out the door, not commiting, that stuff. i have a bunch of "disaster" backup plans in my head. im throughly preparred from everything to being paralyzed to loosing an arm to the house burning down to allison leaving me for foreign language teacher to wwecw becoming good.

maybe a new layout in a day or two


Whit said...

it's about time

Whit said...

dude, I'm sitting on my ass with nothing to do- so I'm bugging you again. at least come over with some beer.