Friday, December 19, 2008

A series of thoughts as I sit around pre-gaming.


That is what I am doing.

What is it?

Well, its the drinking you do before you go out drinking.

  • I'm not sure if buttered toast is a bar snack anywhere, but it going really well with my beer right now.
  • Christmas came really fast this year. Last year it was an afterthought with the big move and everything, but wow, it got here fast. I was at a store 5 days ago and they were selling discount Christmas lights. I guess if you put them up in October you don't need them 12 days before like I did.
  • I'm going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party tonight. Does this mean office ladies get together and have Tight T-Shirt/Tight Pants parties? Do they stand around dress like I do and drink beer from cans with koozies and laugh at how ridiculous they look? When I walk into their place of business do they almost want to ask me where I got my Tight T-Shirt like I do when they wear their ugly sweaters into Peppers?
  • Did I mention I'm working at Pepper's again? It's way better than the glory days, that's for sure.
  • I finished my first semester of school since I think before I was able to drink legally. I feel very proud, but I could have done better.
  • Noam Chomskitty doesn't like it when I pet his FUPA. I am making him fat.
  • Canoga Park can get really cold. Not Chicago cold, not even close. But wearing a tshirt and shorts in November will make your body forget how cold it once was.
Well, time to go party. Maybe a picture tomorrow?