Monday, May 04, 2009

The worst band ever...

I know one guy, he likes this band, The Verve. His taste, obviously, is almost the worst of people I know. I was thinking of him today.

I was watching some concert compilation, and at the beginning of the only song I have ever heard by them, and probably the only song you have ever heard by them, the guy pulls down his American Apparel v-neck so he can put the mic to his chest.



I guess to illustrate the importance of the song. I guess.

You don't hear anything.


The Verve sucks.


Frowning Bill said...

That song only reminds me of being crazy scared high in Amsterdam. I hate the Verve too.

KS said...

The Verve
An extremely overestimated band !
Their whole reputation is built on the song "Bitter Sweet Symphony". Other than that, they did not produce any good music.