Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm sorry, it's been a while, I owe you...

Tonight I'm drunk.

Tonight I'm not going to blame anyone else for the shit I'm dealing

Tonight I spent time with friends who care about me alot.

Tonight I remembered how much that mattered.

Tonight I realized where I've been fucking up.

So to Whit: I'm sorry. I never told you how much I loved Harley, and
how I am sad to see her go.

To my dad: I'm glad you're better, stay that way.

To my mom: I'm glad you're still sober, it makes me very happy and
hope for the future.

To Dan and Tony: I know what's coming, and I've dodged some bullets
already, and I'm excited for the rest.

To Bill, Hickman, Tim, Conner, Gabe & any other possible groomsmen in
my wedding: sorry it didn't happen, but it's gonna happen someday, and
it'll be great.

And to me? Fuck em, you'll be fine


Whit said...

Thanks, man.

Mom said...

Happy & Hopeful... Me too. I have faith in you Son you are a good man. I love you. Mom

Tony from the Past said...

We never know whats coming. That is the most heartbreaking part. It is also what makes it the most exciting.