Monday, February 08, 2010

If I had a soothsayer, they would say to watch out for today.

I am making this day, February 8th, my mortal enemy.

I left the house for class tonight, and the lights bounced off my windshield in a certain way, and the air rushed out of my lungs, and my shoulders got real heavy. Things got bad. It took me 11 tries in 5 different spots to parallel park, I was late for class, so I came to the library to write.

I am learning lessons about you, February 8th, I will get you in a couple of years.

P.S. Check the archives, that makes this all better.


ImPerceptible said...

Ohh good grief. Don't tell people to look at that. That's when I went all batshit crazy, fussed at you, then somehow ended up inviting you to an orgy at your own funeral because I didn't think you should join the army - or something like that. I'm not really sure what was up with that.

I can't believe that was two years ago. Time flies doesn't it?

YES! Word Verification : ludenes

I feel special now.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I just remembered that I wrote a new article about your death as well. Something about burning down all of LA and meatloaf...Those were the good ole days.