Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Following through on that promise for Earth Day...

You decide the title, it will be better that way.

Birds of Paradise
have flown away
or rotting and falling
to the ground.
I'll leave them
for the gardeners
or the neighbors
or anyone who cares.
See, I am a lumberjack
a calloused soul
with downed trees lining
the map of my past.
Small, tall, dead
they all fall at my will.
I wish them death:
it is so.
I wish them defeat:
easy said and done.
I wish them love
and gnash my my teeth.
Not today, not ever
always the last standing.


ImPerceptible said...

Here, we don't have birds of paradise. We have pear trees that line the streets downtown. Usually they blossom and are beautiful. Then the blooms fall on the ground and become a rotten mess for the street sweepers. But sometimes, we get a windy day at just the right time and the wind blows the blooms around and it looks like you are in the middle of a snow storm - but the snow is soft and warm. It's wonderful. Don't cut down the pear trees, lumberjack. They're worth keeping. Thank you, and stay a sweetheart.