Tuesday, July 26, 2011

chasing god

It is somewhere between 6 and 7 am on a Monday. I don't know. The clock in my car isn't working. I mean it works. It keeps time. Some time. But not here. I haven't bothered to change it. If it is wrong and I am late somewhere then I am late. Fuck it. Because I can't rely on my internal clock. I've thrown that off balance with pills, lines and stories that make me blush.

It is 6:34 am. Monday morning. I am driving east on the 101. There are clouds all above me. I am covered. But there are two spots, two holes far off in the sky that push me back to looking at the cover of my bible studies book in sixth grade.

See, god gets two things. He gets sun rays. And he gets early morning orange.

At least from me, that is what he gets...