Friday, September 28, 2007

whiskey is soon again my friend

Things had gotten bad around these parts. I had started to have recurring disagreements with a friend of mine. Whiskey. He didn't want to stay inside anymore. He wanted to go out and mingle with the lawn, or the concrete, or the asphalt, or the sand, or the water.

Basically, Whiskey was making me puke.

But not the last few days. We have reunited and continue to enjoy eachother's company.

The last time we fought was sunday. And it wasn't even about us, it was about the Bears playing football like a crew of assholes, well, at least one of them was being an asshole.

Things should be fine this sunday, things should turn around (my friends and family hope so, I'm sure).


ImPerceptible said...

My armchair diagnosis is a peptic ulcer aggravated by excessive alcohol consumption.

Seriously, if you are getting sick like that your body is telling you something. I really hope you'll figure out what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Aqua Vitae (Whiskey in Latin) meaning "Water of Life".

The burn in your throat at that first shot, spreading such warmth through your body. Gives us courage and such laughter in the beginning.

But for some of us, we lose that courage, and that laughter, that warmth and so much more, when our friend whiskey reaches out and steals our soul.

Remember the people in your life who've spent time with whiskey and have been betrayed. We know. Try to be smarter. Enjoy it while it's enjoyable, then let it be when it's not.

There is so much love for you. Talk to your friends and your loved ones. Drunk or not, we are true friends and the real Aqua Vitae.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you two aren't completely suited, but you'll probably keep getting back together for the sex.