Sunday, April 02, 2006

If I Blog About Reno, Does That Make Me Dirty?

So, the other day I drove two hours , by myself, through rain , sleet, snow, and hail, to the "wonderful" city that is Reno, NV. I felt like the Post Office. (not the Postal service, I was too happy to be them.) Since I had driven the two hours, and I had conviced myself the weather was only going to get worse, (and i didn't have chains, chains are to expensive! I felt like i was buying a grill.) I stayed the night! And where did I stay? No where else but the casino named after a kitchen instrument, the PEPPERMILL! I had been there before, the summer of 2002, so it was a homecoming of sorts.That is my kick ass room. Yeah, I have two beds, what are you going to do, sleep in one? THATS RIGHT! Even though I told the desk guy that it was just me (after he politely declined my credit card. It might have been the first time he said "your credit card was declined" and someone said "yeah, I know". Good old paypal debit card.) But said gentlemen still gave me TWO room keys and TWO beds. Apparently he wanted to meet a platonic friend that evening. Strange man.
That is the wonderful view from my room. Second floor, right by the elevator, BEAUTIFUL! (if you were able to look to the left there would be an empty pack of marlboro reds and a door. It was strange) So I realize that I have not mentioned the reasoons for this trip to reno. If you dont have a reason to be in reno, you might as well mainline some heroin, because your life is over. I was there for the first night of the latest Alkaline Trio tour. Old songs, good times, blah blah blah, if you really care about the circumstances go to punknews.orgWell the opening band, and the only band to play besides Alkaline Trio was AGAINST ME! <-- That's thier ! not mine. They were wonderful as always, and got me that fun, "i need to be in a band" choked up a couple times, and I love them, FOR-EV-ER! That is Matt Skiba in a funny hat. All was forgiven because they played goddamnit from start to finish and a bunch of other good songs too. No 97, but no night can be perfect right? I had myself a good time at the show, but I have to say this about "Reno Punx": what have you done with your lives? The show wasn't sold out, and I have a very good feeling that 10% of the crowd had heard eternal cowboy by against me!, let alone anything BEFORE that. It was a nice upswing to the 25% of the crowd that had actually listened to goddamnit before, but fucking christ kids, come on! How can Burn get the best reaction out of all the songs played? (the only song played off of the new album, unless that shitty song about having a bad time at one of dans parties is on that album too, i block that song out) They played San Francisco, you dumb motherfuckers! I saw them close a show with SANFRANCISCO, after they played RADIO. I hate you reno, I hate you tons! All that bitching aside, the bands were good, the sound was good, and when I talked to Warren from against me! before they played he was nice, as always.So after that I went to the 7-11 by my casino. (technically it is a hotel to, but it is so much cooler to say "my casino" than "my hotel") I bought that wonderful six pack of budlight while talking to bill on the phone. I drank that, talked to lawley, (who is in europe, that dumb cunt!(just kidding, she's not dumb! wink!)) and went and gambled. Texas Tea? It's for bitches! Shake your BOOTY? Its for BOOTH! I did all right, won some money and fell asleep to sportscenter. A perfect ending to a wonderful evening! I drove home the next day, shitty weather, I survived.

The moral to this story is that Reno reminds me of what fremont st in vegas was probably like in 1992, and the punks there are lazy. I hope none of my friends decide to get married in Reno, because it would take a lot to not miss their wedding. I would consider paying the wedding chapel fees difference so they could get married in vegas. Dont get any ideas Bill, you portablepoptartloving bastard!


Whit said...

I admire a man that drives across state lines by himself to America's biggest small town, Reno 911. I don't know if I would do that to stand around a bunch of 15 year olds dressed in black and smoking cloves. At least the bands lived up to your expectations, even if the crowd didn't.
What the hell is up with the crappy beer? I would have wired you another 2 bucks for something good.
P.S.- the second bed is for the hooker "activity". That way you don't have to sleep where you seep. I thought everyone knew that.