Friday, April 21, 2006

I gave up on me too.

so last summer some people that i know (bill, kierin, dan, myself) we're chatting it up on a message board, posting silly pictures and comics, planning parties, and best of all, putting up mixes. i miss that shit, so starting today, and continuing every friday untill i forget to do it, i'm going to put together a mix and upload it to the neither regions of the internet. so here you go

4.21.06 - We Don't Have Many Days Left Together

Suggested Reading - On Subbing by Dave Roche & Chapters One and Two of The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

Suggested Drinking - Two 32's of Miller High Life and a shot of Jameson

About "We Don't Have Many Days Left Together"
Just a collection of some stuff I have been listening to lately. Thanks to Dan for help on cock sparrer and reminding me about "Dragged Back In" Big ups to Bill for mentioning Drag tthe River some night I was way drunk and wasn't able to remember it till this week.

How to Listen to "We Don't Have Many Days Left Together"
Connect to a very loud stereo. Use an ipod, a cd you burned of it, your computer, whatever. Open one Miller High Life. DANCE! Take a shot during the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution. Open a second High Life. Dance some more! Go outside, ride a bike, then kiss your mom. - We Don't Have Many Days Left Together

Have a great Weekend- Booth!