Saturday, April 22, 2006

anthony's alphabatized party!

so bill did this one time, and i didnt have itunes, becasue my computer was old, but now i have it, so i did it. basically you alphabatize your songs and pick the first of each letter.

A A-Word Pnihead Circus

B Baboon The Mountain Goats

C Calendar Girl The Stars

D D's Car Jam & Anxious Mo-Fo Minutemen

E Each Coming Night Iron & Wine

F Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) Otis Redding

G Gainsville in August - Gunmoll

H Hair Raising Accounts of Ghosts Modern Life is War

I I Bad Brains

J J'amais Carrie Nations

K Keep the Hurt at Bay - Moneybrother

L Labor Day The Dead Milkman

M Ma Jolie Bear Vs. Shark

N Nagasaki is Yesterday's Dog-End '84 - Crass

O O'Rourke's, 1:20 A.M. The Good Life

P Padded Cell Black Flag

Q Q. How Many Punks Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? Dillinger Four

R R.O.A.D.A.D. This Bike is A Pipe Bomb

S s.k.i.n.h.e.a.d - MDC

T T.S.R. (This Shit Rules) Against Me!

U Ugly Violent Femmes

V Va Donc Chier The Sainte Catherines

W Waiting for the End of the World Elvis Costello

X Xmas Eve Born Against

Y Y'all Don't Wanna Step To Dis Against Me!

Z Zing Pong None More Black

not really representative of songs i like a bunch, but thats ok. against me! is the only repeat, and me and bill both have TSR for out T's YEA!

you should do it now too.


Whit said...

Ah Me- Griffen House
Bitches Ain't Shit- Ben Folds
Careful- Guster
Dress Up In You- Belle & Sebastian
Elizabeth You Were Born to Play That...-Ryan Adams
Forever Lost- The Magic Numbers
Golden- My Morning Jacket
Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
Imagine- John Lennon
Jackie Wilson Said- Van Morrison
Kentucky Woman- Neil Diamond
La Mar (The Ocean)- The Beautiful Girls
Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics
New Slang- The Shins
Oh- Dave Matthews
Pink Moon- Nick Drake
Question- Old 97's
Rainbow Connection- Willie Nelson
Such Great Heights- Iron & Wine
That's Amore- Dean Martin
Upside Down- Jack Johnson
Virtue and Wine- Sondre Lerche
Wigwam- Bob Dylan
X-Static- Foo Fighters
Yesterday- The Beatles
Zuton Fever- The Zutons