Wednesday, October 10, 2007

phil muthafuckin collins

Phil Collins watched a man drown, right? Actually, I'm pretty sure he didn't. I just needed a title...

I've never seen anyone drown. I've seen some people almost drown. I've almost drown myself. Not intentionally. I'm just not very skilled in the art of floating.

But I think I am watching a friend or two drown, figuratively.

Someone is spending most nights in a home that doesn't want them as much as they don't want it. I can see it in their eyes. Arms flailing in a see of money, family and youthful ambition.

Someone has a hard time saying what they are feeling, if there is anything left there anymore. I can see them running and running, talking out of both sides of their mouths, being torn in 7 directions of happiness, and getting none.

Someone is burning their bridges and turning off the porch lights. The inside lights are off too. No one is home, they don't want you to know they wished you still showed up unannounced.

Someone struggles with loyalty to people with faces and names to loyalty to faceless names.


I'm a little bit of all of them.


Anonymous said...

Someone is morning sick... they have pregnancy brain... they can't make out these cryptic posts...

Please dumb things down a little for the next six weeks.

The whipped cream thing was good. I could follow that.

The Holmes said...

Phil Collins should introduce himself that way when he comes out on stage. Then he would command the respect he has long deserved.