Friday, June 06, 2008

So me and Frowning Bill are making a mix blog called The Crapulent Jukebox. His first mix is up, mine is being made as we speak. So add it to your blogroll and readers and things you tell your friends about. In the mean time, my breaks don't work and a burrito purchaser heard me call a co-worker a mother-fucker.

Happy times indeed.


ImPerceptible said...

Cool! I may never have to listen to John Mellencamp again. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you wearig pants? Just wondering.

Bubba said...

Young man, I came here from that honea blog and I must say you have yourself quite a blog here. But you shouldn't be going around calling your co-workers mother fuckers. That's just bad manners. I got in a fight at a bar just last month because some guy said fuck you to a nice lady that just got out of prison. I knocked him down and told him the fact of life.

"I don't know where you're from but around you don't talk like that to a lady. You say Fuck you, mam!"

He leart his leasson.