Thursday, June 05, 2008

when in mexico...

I fold burritos for a living. I do the other stuff too. I put meat in them (yup), I put dairy in them, and rice, and beans, and sauce (yup) and good times. I also make tacos, tortas, bowls, enchiladas and the dreaded taquito.


Oh Yes sir, dreaded.

Yesterday a lady asked me if the taquitos were hard or soft.

Wait, the place I work at is like subway, but mexican. Actually, it is more white-boy-mexican, but whatever. So I'm on one side of the sneeze guard and you are on the other, and we move down the line and put the things you want into the thing you ordered.

Actually, I'm a lunch lady. No hair net, but a hat, and gloves.

So this lady asks me if the taquitos are hard or soft.

I say "Umm, they're taquitos."


Then I say "Uhh, they're hard (implied DUH)"

She let me know, angrily, that in MEXICAN FOOD taquitos can be hard or soft, and that she was MEXICAN. She also called me an asshole. Or rather implied I was an asshole.

I told her I didn't know that, and that I wasn't mexican, you know, in case there was any confusion or anything.

She might still be mad.

She had a taco instead. You know, the soft version of a taquito.


Anonymous said...

There's a 'white-boy-hard/soft' joke in here somewhere I SWEAR, but in my present state it eludes me.

Brandon said...

Seriously, she's at the white boy taco shop and she pulls out an "I'm Mexican"? Way to represent.

c$ said...

The thing I liked most about this post is that it was like a game show of burrito shops until you said the line about the white influence and then I knew it was chronic.
I went there once and I was really wondering if the employees were required to call the customer bro one time per sentence.

ImPerceptible said...

What exactly is 'good times' and should you be putting it in a burrito?