Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Countdown Part 5

This is a preface to what will spill out of me tonight at the bar with shuffleboard.

I think about you sometimes. I imagine you are riding your bike, like I am. I'm hoping some one is happy to hear you coming up the steps, driveway, whatever. Maybe somewhere some one is painting you a picture, or writing you a letter, and they have the postage to send it. I hope you don't drink too much, and when you do, I know you will, when you do, you call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. I hope they are happy to hear from you. I hope the miles and roads between us get smaller everyday. I think you might be getting a handle on this stuff, the distance from family, the art bouncing around in side, the self destructive behavior. This summer will be better then all the other ones past. This will be the summer we do things people will write plays about, we'll make stories that people we don't know will tell their kids and put themselves in our place. So cheer up. You'll make it through the year, you always have. You'll make a new friend or two, you'll lose a couple more. Just remember that its time to sing. Take a shower and live a little tonight, ok?