Wednesday, November 04, 2009

From the shuffleboard bar, one week later

I have problems with being ignored. I'm a pretty selfish person. But
the thing, funny or not, is that I only need acknowledgement. I'm
pretty sure I spelled that wrong. Anyways. I find myself fitting into
the same sort of thought all the time. There is ALWAYS a foot out the
door. Always. Why? Not exactly sure. Just the same way I don't
understand why the guy close to me keeps saying bro.

I am pretty selfish. That has to come out in this blog. Thinking
people care or are better off for hearing my stories about drunken
life failures, that's lame.

But this has turned into a mess.

I'm trying to find a medium where the interesting parts make sense.
And I'm trying to find a part of life where I don't lie. And I'm
trying to find a space to express everything.

I'm buying beers for people. Rather a beer for a guy.


Shuffleboard makes me want sandwhiches and attention.

I get neither.

Birthday soon.