Wednesday, January 25, 2006

good things come to those who wait in a cave

so i am sitting at home eating dinner, watching television, and this piece of artistic majesty and marketing genius comes on. it shows some "terrorists" (or as the close captioning said - ARABS) driving around, then stopping, then unloading missle launchers. the great graphics on the screen say something about objectives and watching enemies movements and killing former professional football players who are in your platoon (i might have made that one up) and then, the money shot. "your group has supplies for 5 days." "it is day 12" yup. the U.S. Army is officially announcing that they dont have enough money to give troops important things, like WATER. sign me up, i drink soda anyways.


Whit said...

I saw on the news that the U.S. Army is poised on the verge of collapse due to spreading itself too thin. I hope terrorists don't watch CNN and pick up that tidbit. Just one more reason that ol' W needs to fall off a cliff (clutching an anvil in one hand and Dick in the other).