Thursday, January 26, 2006

millions of tiny socialists

i woke up today. i went to work. i did lots of coke. snorted it. all of it. all up. i punched a lady. i punched a cop. i went to jail. i dug myself out with a spoon. i fucked a homless man with my spoon. i killed him. i ate him. i thre him up and burned him. i did more coke. then some speed. then some dope. then i went to school. i hung out with socialists. they all wanted to fuck me. i had to kill them. it was time for dinner. i ate a steak. i watched tv. i went and bought gas. i went to rehab. then back to jail. then rehab again. then i went home.

***this post writen for booth by james frey. he is booth's official ghostwriter. he came cheap.