Sunday, January 29, 2006

this class will be taught using the "lecture-discussion"method

ahhhhhh the dreaded sunday. i fucking hate sundays. they are mildly bearble during football season, with the evening game and all the sportscenter repeats, but not today, not tonight, not for me. so i decided to spend a few hours with anchor steam and the internet, here are some good things i have found:

The Beast 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005
- some really interesting stuff here. not sure what The Beast, not sure that I care, but I did find this gem when they spoke of Hillary Clinton - ...while "new Democrats" like Clinton are willing to hump every fence they come across. Don't worry, they get everyone, which is the only way it should be.

Project Censored Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006
- one of the only things i can take away from a community college class with "traina" was the knowledge of this organization. he used their book for the class, and suprisingly, i actually purchased it, and held onto it, for a while at least. in my internet time today i found that they had put out their new list. i didn't get through much of it, but i am on my way

Bombs and Shields
- this is an exciting blog with pretty uptodate information on arrests/indictments/happenings on the governments NEWEST war, the war on domestic terror. personally, i react the same everytime i hear someone called a "terrorist", some event called "terror", or someone referred to as "preggers". at least when people do say preggers, they are right. best thing about this blog, the picture of the paid informant the fbi has been using in multiple cases. she got something like $75000 and expenses over two years and is 20-something years old. she's been all over the country shitting on people. first thing tomorrow i'm going to buy a wire.

thats all i got for you kids tonight, but i'll keep working on it. im looking for a new ghost-writer, if you know anyone, let me know.