Sunday, January 29, 2006

ive never fired anyone before

but i fired that james guy. he just wasn't really working out. besides, why would i want to have oprah (and eventually dr.phil) against me! ? more details soon.


billpinkel said...

Millions of tiny turds, didn't Oprah just get done making thousands of housewives read Faulkner? he was a womanizing drunk and probably a liar too. I hope James Frey also turns out to be one of the pedophiles Oprah is trying to catch and he collects the cash reward turning himself him.

Whit said...

Faulkner was a lying,womanizing drunk in a good way. Frey lying is more like Ashley Simpson lip-syncing.

billpinkel said...

Faulkner could make Frey and Ashley Simpson preggers while totally sloshed on Old Crow. (so that's the first "preggers I've worked into my vocabulary today, I'm going for at least 9 more)