Monday, February 13, 2006

one possible origin of my sleep schedule

thirteen years ago, fifth grade, valentines day. ive been thinking about this all day. it was the last valentines day that i remember as the valentines for the whole class and not that girl i thought was cute. actually, it was a transitional valentines day, valentines for the whole class AND the girl i liked. i made valentines that year. red, light pink, dark pink, white construction paper, red markers, dolies (?), a little bit of glitter, glue sticks. i made some ridiculous amount (about 30, good old private schools and their low class sizes) and of course didnt start until 8 oclock or so at night. cutting out hearts, tracing cupids, making arrows, it was a lot of work. the funny thing about the whole thing is that just before that a pipe had broken under the house, and during the daytime guys worked on the pipe and on filling in holes in the foundation. our carpet was ripped up, all the furniture was in the wrong place, and i sat there, using the wire spool that i had up untill a month ago as my craft table. i was up till probably two or three working on them. my special valentine was for miyoko green. she might have liked it, but not enough to like me. funny thing, if you go to 43770 Santa Rosa Circle, Lancaster, CA 93535 and lift up the carpet to the right of the fireplace there should be a "anthony + miyoko" stick-in-concrete scrawl. to this day, as far as i can remember, it is the only concrete stick artwork i have participated in. (there should be mine and this girl raquel's initials carved into a bench at mcgrath state beach, and i probably led to the death of quite a few trees in junior high with AB + ??, but only one time did i doom a relationship in concrete) as i am retelling this story i cant help but think of how i thought it made total sense to put into a very permament piece of concrete my love for some girl who was barely my friend. i continued to do the same thing in varying ways for quite a long time. its strange that this is the valentines day that i have been reminsing about, but i can see it in my head like it was much more recent than 13 years ago.


Derby said...

Ilove that story Anthony good to meet ya to I may have met you before but I can't see your face of course you can see mine so that would mean you would know who I was there for we have never met ok that was fun rambling. Anyways lived the story type ya later.