Monday, February 13, 2006

sometimes i feel like im hunting with the vice president

i havent been on here in a while, that is mostly randy quaid's fault. if you think about it, you'll understand. fun things have been happening up north... i golfed the worst game of my life, i wrapped my moms birthday present using a glue stick, and i ate at the least busiest arby's in the whole world. i did all of that today. im thinking of going to technical school to be a basketball ref. im pretty sure i would be good at being bought off and looking the other way. actually, with those too skills i could be a politician, a wild west marshall, and meatloaf. "i would do anything for love, but i wont give you my dr pepper, but i will sure as hell sell out, YEAH!!!!!" tonight at work a guy told me that i could grow a better beard if i found a wild cat and rubbed its tail on my face, and it had to smell like urine. im actually thinking about finding a wild cat tomorrow instead of going to school. i was reading about someone who had a face like achipmunk and they denied it and now im wondering if i have an animal face. tomorrow i will do my best to make something nice. maybe ill go out and take pictures - SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!!!!


billpinkel said...

If you contributed enought to my campaign I might spray you with buck shot too.

Whit said...

-at least he doesn't limit himself to shooting democrats and Iraqis.
What did you have at Arby's? Hope it wasn't meatloaf (a Dr. Pepper would be ok).