Monday, February 27, 2006

always a bridesmaid, never a bride

im actually in this picture, behind chris (the one with a dick). i had a great weekend, 5 good friends came up here to the mecca of hella bring some southern california... how do you say... flava. this is from a nice little place called fanny ann's in old sac. i work with most of the people in this picture. i was drunk. we all were, and it was beautiful. it takes about 25 minutes to get from my house to old sac, so we convinced my mom to drop us off at the bar. it was just like junior high, except this wasnt the mall and i didn thave a broken arm. some highlights of the evening - shots of jager in don knotts honor, dancing with large women, throwing quarters on the ground, someone pouring beer on someone elses feet, a quote "you look slutty, just kidding, slut" and a $60 cab ride home. there were many other things that happened, it was all fun, and i cant wait to see everyone again.

i watch sportscenter a lot, and they had a great story about an autistic kid playing basketball. it was inspirational. now its time for sudoku and bedtime.


Whit said...

FYI: If you move to Vermont you can be a bride.
Nice post Anthony- drinking, pretty girls and lots of laughs. Looks like a good night.

Derby said...

I wish I could ahng out dam kid I think I'll give him up for adoption so I can have free time again. Looks like your haveing fun!!