Saturday, December 15, 2007

lancaster sends me off, without even trying

It finally happened. I have been going to these parties for years. There had been cross words thrown around, idle threats in passing cars leaving the scene, to maybe, or maybe not, mingle at another place or time, but tonight, it happened. I stood in a living room drinking a beer. I used to live at the house, and now it seems a lot longer than the two years it was. And a guy almost got beat up. He had pulled a knife before, or twice. And why not tonight? Who knows, but I'm glad he didn't. A friend was involved in the scene. It was a fucking shame. A cycle that doesn't seem to come close to ending. Not on nights like these, in these homes, in a town so dead, or dying.

And the Antelope Valley put on it's best clothes. It has been doing it all week. The people I served ribs to at Peppers. The girls I talked to at bars. The christmas lights that didn't burn as bright as before. All the kids who showed up at this house on a friday night. To drink free beer. To smoke others drugs. To start fights that shouldn't have happened. No one here walks away.

But I do.


Anonymous said...

They'll do it forever. The same people fucking the same people drinking the same booze at the same parties where there's the same people who start the same fights over the same shit. Just like yesterday. And you'll be walking down a new street somewhere soon and think, "Fuck that town." And oddly, at the bottom of the street, you'll start to miss it.

It's hard to walk away.

So, run like hell.


Whit said...

You'll find them in Chicago too. Everyone has their cycle and sometimes they get a breath of fresh air and sometimes they get the wind knocked out of them.

It happens.

Anonymous said...

Chicago will be awesome.

You don't need to run away from the AV. You are already free in your mind.

You can just saunter. ;)