Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a little request

I don't know who still reads this. I had a punk rock principles attack a few months ago and took off all the tracking information. "you don't blog for other people, you blog for yourself." I don't know how many visitors I get, I don't know where they come from, and I don't know where they go after. It's ok. The traffic and my quality of posts were both on a steady decline.

So to the few people who read this, I would like to ask a favor...

a mix.

I'm going to be spending two days on a bus to Chicago. I am talking a discman, because I am old school.

So if you could make me a mix and email it or post it or just send me the list of songs, that would be awesome.

And in return I'll promise not to die and I'll put more stuff up.




guest said...

latterman - this basement gives me a fucking headache

the blackout pact - we drink so you don't have to

defiance, ohio - road signs always look better looking over your shoulder

descendents - this place sucks

minor threat - good guys don't wear white

tim barry - idle idylist

the weakerthans - one great city!

nothington - something new

sage francis - escape artist

piebald - long nights

lawrence arms - the ramblin' boys of pleasure

lagwagon - everything turns grey
and of course,

ice cube - stompin' in my big black boots

good luck