Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a farewell to peppers

Oh peppers, how you made my days go by, how you filled my pockets, how you helped my middle class attempts at smashing the state. You made me drinking buddies and bowling friends. You brought people to sing with in karaoke bars. Dry-run-thru's of taxes were done at your bar. Surprise visits to lovers too. Peppers you were the backdrop to some of the best and worse days. To some spirited debates and colorful outbursts. You let me outlast more than I should, but I go before many others who should already be gone.

So here's to you peppers, to the people that you let me meet, the beliefs you reinforced, the money you allowed me to make, and the friends I will never forget, even though they have already started to forget me. Thank you for these folks - Whit, Tricia, Miska, Carey, Juan, Randy, Tommie, Kelly, Red, Louis, Harper, Wayne, Bryan, Anderson, Keisha, Sam, Heidi, Donna, Deanna, Ashley, All the hosts with their sexy teenage butts, Vicki, Gina, Kevin, everyone I ever drank with, everyone I ever made fun of, and everyone I will never miss.

Peppers, You hardly knew me.


Whit said...

Fuck that place.

I was going to come in last night but heard you were QA and thus would have been gone by the time I got there. I hope you threw something at someone.

ImPerceptible said...

I don't know what QA means but I don't think I like it. I hope you threw something more substantial than a frozen corn dog. Maybe a bottle of ketchup or something.

So tell me about your Chicago plans! Tell me about who or what has been keeping you too busy to blog much. Tell me something because I'm missing you.