Monday, December 10, 2007

what i did last christmas

I spent part of the day drinking beer with bill and whit, then some gin. There's Christmas beginnings happening in the living room and I'm sitting in my room debating between whiskey and soda and whiskey and ice. The soundtrack is a collections of songs recorded in about 12 hours over one Saturday. We consumed a lot of drinks, some of us fell asleep early, and we all recorded an original and a Christmas cover. We put it on the internet. Marleigh was kind enough to do some art for it. If you aren't doing anything in the next few days, get a bottle of something sip-able and check out our efforts. A year removed, a lot of it is sad. Sorry, it is Christmas after all.It's a Wonderful Lie - A Drunken Bicycle Christmas -


Anonymous said...

12 days of christmas is great, even without the recommended bottle dosage.

dbc is awesome on so many levels. cheers.

ImPerceptible said...

I laughed until my sides hurt because of 12 days and that beer and blowjob song.

It was a wonderful break from the traditional songs I've been listening to. Thanks.