Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to...


From top to bottom:

  • Get tiny chocolate bottle of booze
  • Turn upside down and peel off half of the wrapper
  • Bite the ass off
  • Spit ass into box/bag/cup (not pictured)
  • Drink!
  • Throw empty chocolate bottle into box/bag/cup
  • Repeat (not pictured)
Crystal (Bill's girlfriend and one of the roommates. Editor's note: It wasn't them watching basketball, it was my other roommate Bobb and his lady, sorry for any confusion.) had a box with WAY too many of these under her bed that she forgot to pass out at Christmas, so she put them on the coffee table for all of us (read: me.) to enjoy. Tim came over a night or two later and we "ate" almost 2/3rds of the box. The trick to doing this is to not eat ANY chocolate. It will inhibit your buzz getting ability and make your belly not happy. Plus, if you are like Tim and I, you are drinking beer too, and chocolate doesn't really go well with beer. We've put them in coffee and tried to eat the whole thing, and honestly, this is best way. Some come Christmas next year keep you eyes out for a box full of chocolate bottles of booze, and if you go halves on the plane ticket I'll come give you the demonstration in person. Sorry, I'm never taking a bus anywhere again ;)


Whit said...

Chocolate does go well with Guinness and darker porters. I'm guessing you were drinking some Blue Ribbon.