Saturday, March 15, 2008

a post intended to create more post-funeral threesome opportunities

OK, not really. Well, maybe. I don't know.

Tomorrow will be two weeks unemployed. That is no problem. I have things that might lead to work, or they might not. I'm thinking food stamps maybe. That would be good.

I'm cooking a lot lately. Doing things I've never done before. Sauteeing mushrooms, pizza from almost scratch with potatoes on it, and some interesting takes on burritos.

I've also been writing.

And riding my bike.

And rediscovering the joys found in other people.

And listening to great records.

And listening through the wall to see if my roommate is breaking up with his girlfriend and she is crying or if they are just watching basketball.

And shaving off my beard for a funny moustache.

And trying to live like I've always wanted to.

California has been very good to me. Thank you.

Tomorrow, a how to post, via either video, slide show or powerpoint.

I do have one regret.

I'm not having or going to an Ides of March party.

Next year I promise.


Anonymous said...

I slept two hours last night. Cat problems. I'm going to call in today, and make many people angry. I have a bit of a hangover, and I don't know what it is that sucks so bad right now, but something does.

Ides of March parties aren't what they're cracked up to be.


ImPerceptible said...

Officials confirmed the untimely death of Anthony Booth, owner and head chef at Anthony’s Vegetarian Bistro (AV Bistro). Fire Officials displayed the charred remains of his chef hat and his prized Jimmy Buffet CD. The fire that destroyed all of downtown LA is confirmed to have started in his kitchen.

“We believe he died doing what he loved,” an investigator from the California state police stated earlier this morning. This appears to be true as a tube of hand cream and a tissue were discovered near his body.

Women from all over world, with their breast proudly displayed and mumbling something about his special sauce, attended his memorial service. It was a touching scene as drunken bicyclist formed the missing man formation and circled the burned out shell of what was formerly one of LA’s hottest nightspot.

ImPerceptible was in attendance. She showed up wearing nothing but the chef hat Mr. Booth had given her in appreciation for helping him celebrate the 14th of May. Even though she forgot all about the steak, he had been extremely pleased and spent the remainder of his life with smile. After singing a touching rendition of a song made famous by the band Meatloaf she hosted a wet T-shirt contest in his honor. This of course led to the drunken statewide orgy that followed.

Mr. Booth was best know for wasting eight years of his life trying to perfect the meatless meatloaf. But goddamn, once he did there was no stopping him. He will be missed in more ways than one.

Whit said...

What she said.

Anonymous said...