Sunday, March 30, 2008

Minus the dancing - Video Day

My life is just like this video. Minus the dancing. And the pregnant girlfriend. And the fire escape. And Rod Stewart. But other than that, exactly the same.

"Young hearts be free tonight, time is on your side"

Fuckin' A, Rod Stewart, Fuckin' A.

I was thinking about that, the young hearts part. And I'm pretty sure he meant young as in age, especially with the running away and parties and all of that. But I prefer him to mean young as freshly in love. When it first starts to happen, when you wake up for the first time thinking about them, when you call them for the first time just to hear them talk, or when you make plans to do nothing but bask in their presence, you are young. You act irrational, like a teenager. You save their text messages/emails/voice mails and go over them over and over again. You think of the tiniest ways to make them smile, or make their day that much better. It is such a great feeling. Until it fades.

But I'm thinking it doesn't have to fade, right?

Young hearts be free tonight, time is on your side indeed.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how irrational teenagers are anymore. Trading your time 8 hours a day for money to buy stuff you don't need when you could be spending time with the people you love seems pretty fucking irrational to me.

I'm typing this from work.


Anonymous said...

Nice post Anthony.

But the line

"Patti gave birth to a ten pound baby boy, yeah!"

gave me pause for thought. If it was "Patti's ten pound baby boy cracked her rib with kicking; then told her she would need a planned c-section, yeah!" it would be closer to reality and I could get more on board with this.