Friday, April 04, 2008


I painted this last night. I was supposed to be folding burritos, but it was slow, so they sent me home. Definitely ok with that.

Bill, myself, and some other people are going to make suicide mixes. The idea is that these are the songs you would listen to before you killed yourself, they would be your suicide note.

I'm going get started on that and wait for a plane from New York to show up. Consider me excited on all fronts.


twk said...

Suicide mixes? Well that's different. Sounds like you should go to a bookstore and call your Mother. Just to check on her, of course.

ImPerceptible said...

At first glance I thought it was a peace sign with a hand grenade now I think it's a martini glass with an olive. The top says I-L-U-sideview of a breast-skeleton legs on on their knees, right?

When my dad's mom passed away my brother and I decided funeral music sucks so we should do an after-life mix. It got really tacky and ended up with me promising to sing and dance to 'Da Butt' at his funeral. For mine, he's supposed to rock out to 'Highway to Hell' and then lead everyone in a tearful version of 'Wake up Little Suzie' except they would use my name instead of Suzie.

Anonymous said...

To me, it's Bean waiting to come out of an unreasonably small opening. The green brown figure is Bean, and the bottom of the triangle is the impossible exit.

Ah, the subjectivity of art.