Friday, May 30, 2008

day two

Day one had breakfast in bed and ice cream at night. I forgot to mention. Day two, the way mornings should be. This certain way she smiles when wakes up and realizes where she is is saved in my head. And every morning I make sure it is still there, and today it was. There was school for her and work for me. A stolen lunch break cuddle session. As I swept and replayed the previous days events I came to a conclusion. You decide to love some one. And you decide to love them as long as you want to. It's not chemical, it's a decision. You can continue to fall into patterns or not. You can hold things against people or not. You can let your parents relationship, your grandparents relationship, or your past relationships affect what you do today, but you shouldn't. And now I won't. Day two was good, but sharing it with someone was better.


Anonymous said...

Go tell it on the mountain, brother Booth...go tell it on the mountain!



ImPerceptible said...

I agree, on all your points. Especially about love being a decision. But I think it's a much easier decision with some people than others.

MyHusband thinks you need to stop drinking before you mess up a good thing. I think you've already figured that out?

Anonymous said...

"Breakfast in bed and ice cream at night...

So much nicer than booze and a fight."

Shut up. I'm now 10 months pregnant. What do you want from me? That's the best there is.