Saturday, May 17, 2008

what? welcome back? - mix

The interweb has been restored at my place of dwelling. I moved my computer into the "band" room, so now I have a new window to look out of. The house is full of new faces. Not really, they just pay rent now ;) Yesterday it was something like 100 degrees, so Bert, Stephanie and myself bought squirt guns and had an old fashioned water fight. Shits tight. In honor of the return of the internets, I made this little mix. Its for Imperceptible, because I've missed her virtual self. (p.s. the Tim Barry/Chuck Ragan/Guy from Lucero show will own everyone!) And Henri, because I like him. It has some different things on it. Enjoy.

Welcome Back - Mix -
Dear Chicago - Ryan Adams
Paper Planes - M.I.A.
Jackie - Scott Walker
Candle In The Wind (Ben's Song) - Andrew Jackson Jihad
We Are Wild Stallions - The Riot Before
Burn Guelph Burn - The Sainte Catherines
To Hell With Good IntentionsvMclusky
graveyard girl - m83
Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile - The Lawrence Arms
All Alone In My Big Lonely Apartment - Bomb the Music Industry!
The Lazyboy 500 - The Falcon
$4 Pabst - The Gunshy


twk said...

Thank you for coming back. You've been missed, terribly.
Squirt Gun Fight...YEAH!

ImPerceptible said...

Thank you for the mix. I've missed your virtual self as well. I love your mixes and since I've been listening to Supertramp and John Mellencamp it's much needed. ;)

I don't have a mix for you but here's a song:

OCMS almost ruined this song for me but when I heard this version my faith in humanity was restored. Then my heart went all indigo.

ImPerceptible said...

Ohh, and he should have left I'm on Fire alone. You don't fuck with that song.

ImPerceptible said...

Song #2 of my sweetheart mix Postcards From Hell - The Wood Brothers

Henri said...

Hey thanks man! Oh wait I don't know any of these bands...damn I'm soo fucking old. Thanks a lot.

ImPerceptible said...

I'm not sure but,

#3 be miner by The Everbodyfields

ImPerceptible said...

This might be too country for my punk sweetheart but I think it's right.

Chris Knight - Summer of 75

ImPerceptible said...

This one because it makes me smile

#5 Life in One Day - Howard Jones

And this one because I remember hearing it as a kid and feeling very dirty. Then realizing I liked feeling like that.

#6 Little Red Corvette - Prince

Anonymous said...

Okay. Another song because your blog word verification is treating me bad lately. This song is horrid. I can't believe I survived the 80's.

#7 sex-o-matic

ImPerceptible said...

Last song for this mix, I think. Take care and you'll always be a sweetheart to me.

WV : mommener