Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I work with the Picture of Dorian Gray

Up here in the great N.C. I work with a particular bartender, nameless at this point, two or three times a week. I never see her outside of work. Sometimes she comes in a few minutes early, in "street clothes", and changes in the bathroom. When I started I thought to myself "WOW, she looks like this girl from Lancaster". When Allison came to visit I told her, she didnt see it much. The strange thing about the bartender is that every shift I see her, she becomes less and less attractive. Not in the "I am getting to know this person and there is nothing good about them besides their butt" way but in the purely physical culturally decided standards of beauty. It is like she is falling apart, one day at a time. Her thighs are getting bigger, her hair stringier, she might even be getting slower. I hope she doesn't have a serious disease (minor disease-ok with me!)

Did you know Wkipedia has a sort of death tracker? I tells you by month and date who has passed away this year. It tells the name, age, something notable, and sometimes how they died. I was going to start this blog fifteen minutes ago, but I got sidetracked on this wonderful plot of cyberland. My favorite part was seeing how people died. A comic illustrator fell from a seven story building. No Joke. I also figured out I only care about dead people in my age range. I scanned the list looking just at age. If I saw a 1_ 2_ or 3_ I stopped and read their sentence. I know the thirtys were a bit of a stretch, but there aren't a hell of a lot of people dying in their 10's with enough recognition to get a spot on Wikipedia. When I die, I hope they put my name on this list.

My fingers are getting pretty tender from playing more guitar. I am working on my "album" more every day and I hope to be getting some things in the 10001010101010111 area this month. Then I am going to tackle the hard stuff, writing my own music. It might be ok. I got one line for a song so far - "These colors will not change, you change the way I see them" Good, HUH?

***Editor's Note - Song lyrics are not by Mr Booth, but rather from the NEW HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS ALBUM. Sorry for the confusion.***


Derby said...

I like it soo far!!!

Whit said...

Find a picture of her and destroy it! Quick, she may have the cooties!