Monday, March 20, 2006

hirst day of spring cleaning

blah blah blah first day of spring. One of my many goals of moving up here was that when I left I would have half as many things in my truck. I'm looking at the shit in my room and I am stuck as to what to get rid of. More than half my clothes will be gone, try to get it down to one trash bag. And that's where I'm at. It rained most of the day, which is HORIBLE, but it did leave a nice double rainbow. It was "complete" in that i could see both touch the ground at both ends. Pretty sure that is the first one of those I have seen. I got a microphone today, it doesn't want to work, so I get to try to Make it work tomorrow. As for this thing, I am just rambling about my day with no reason. Good day sir.


Derby said...

It's BEAUTIFULL I think tha Antelope Valley is the only place you can see that because theres nothing there. hope your havin fun later. The Derb

Whit said...

Why do you carry your clothes in a trashbag? Aren't there any shopping carts available?

bill said...

Trashbags make good ponchos, try wearing a suitcase in the rain some time. I posted a new comic, hooray!