Thursday, March 16, 2006

this is where the magic happens

ahhhhhhh, it's been a while, no? things on this part of town are rainy, still, or again, or always, whatever you prefer. Apparently I got my photoblog deleted, and I think it is because I photoshoped a dick onto a picture of amanda. I got my own computer, and it remindes me of my valiant, sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it running, and sometimes it stops for no reason, but when its working, it is a BEAUTY! thank you to bill and bill's dad, the two best pinkels in the world. I started downloading every band that i can think of, and so far my favorite new thing is MONEYBROTHER. I guess it's some dude who used to sing in a punk band who now does great soul/funk/rock stuff. You should all go buy or steal either album, blood panic or to die alone. im almost through the first one, and it will kill you, ok? OK! thats about all I got in me tonight, but tomorrow is a new day, right?


Whit said...

Yes Scarlet, it is. Glad to see you decided to rejoin us here in blog land.

billpinkel said...

Dude that's ridiculous, listen to Gunmoll.