Friday, March 03, 2006

a second attempt : Tom Gabel and Carmelo Anthony - Same Shit Different Day

Ahhhhh, that elusive street-cred. Tonight, as part of my post-work evening, I watched an episode of Outside the Lines. From it I learned something interesting: Crusty Punks and Basketball Players both struggle with selling out. Now, don't act surprised. At no time did ESPN mention any crust punks, or anything remotely related to crust punks, so they are safe, for now. If you didn't get a chance to watch it here's the meat: Carmelo Anthony came from a super poor neighborhood in Baltimore, and he goes back to visit. On one such visit he hangs out on a corner (?!?) with some "childhood friend" and a camera crew shows up. Now, being Carmelo Anthony, 'Melo, and showing that he is truly worth all the endorsement deals (RADIOSHACK? are you fucking kidding?), he smiles and giggles. All fun and games, right? NO! His friend is talking about how snitches get stiches, or someother ridiculous street thing about police informants (am I for police informants? not so much, but that's not the deal). Well this video surfaces on an underground DVD and suddenly 'Melo wants you dead if you talk to cops (not exactly). The state tries to get him to come out on a pro-snitching DVD he doesn't do it, and that's about it. So funny thing, Melo is trying to retain his street cred, trying to connect to the people on the streets, trying to keep it real, all the while being RICH AS SHIT! And that is where I realized that all my favorite punk bands are really just good college basketball players. And instead of being happy as shit that they "make the big time" and sign to majors and make some money (like the poor folks of his neighborhood were (or at least that's how they were in my head)) us MIDDLE to UPPER MIDDLE CLASS kids get on our computers and bitch about how they sold out! Well FUCK THAT! I'm going to take a lesson from the poor folks and BE HAPPY!(at least now the dirty clothes and shitty beard might make sense) To AGAINST ME!, may you make tons of money and get a shoe deal... wait...

all kidding aside, it's alright with me, someday I'm going to get paid a lot of money to do what I love too.


Derby said...

I'm pretty sure every star in sports came from the ghetto or at least the black ones. I'm not racist don't get scared but really have you ever heard of a famous black sports figure that came from the number two guy from like Ebay or something. It's just the man trying to hold'em down. I wish I was black that way I could have hopes and dreams to shoot for. O and I could play basketball to. Just being able to dunk isn't going to get me very far. O ya that was in high school I can't jump anymore. Have fun!!