Friday, February 16, 2007

10thousandth of a second and everything that is wrong with america

Here we are. 2007. Information is exchanged in time that we cant even comprehend, not even in NBA terms. I ask the computer: "How many times did france fall?" and I learn that in in world war 2 there was a battle called the battle of france, and it was also called the fall of france. and it was May 10th. That's only six days from May 16th, which is that great Lagwagon song about everything you have ever lived, right? Just another saturday, right? And at this point it all ties together. Another saturday, or thursday night, or friday morning, what is the difference really? 10 thousandth of a second to say "yes" or "no" or "because of everything that has ever happened, from the stairs as a child to everything i said to my friends last night". maybe the towers fail us. maybe they failed us years ago. because, you know, as they say, since 9/11 it's been hard. maybe not for me. or maybe not any different. so how do you spend your nights now? post -9/11, post adolescence, post opinion, post sacrifice, post anything that might have a built in reason? well, let's be honest. you wait around for an answer to a question that was the response to a statement about something that you honestly meant. and if you haven't learned anything yet, tonight you might learn that honesty isn't always the best policy. or you'll learn to keep your mouth shut. or you'll learn that as long as you do what keeps your heart honest, you'll be ok, even if not tonight, while you loose to a buzzer beater that took longer than it took for you to fall in love for the first time.


Whit said...

ahh, carbombs

Bill said...

I like the basketball references. It either emphasizes the importance of basketball in your life or trivializes everything else, one way or the other. I'm sad I missed the carbombs.