Sunday, February 18, 2007

the happiest days of your life

After waking up from a night of hanging out with sergio, which, to the un-initiated, usually involves way too many drinks, I decided I am going to make a short list of some of the things that make me happy. In no particular order:

  • any time i am able to do an exagerated fist pump while singing along to music, either live or over a stereo
  • taking blurry pictures
  • wearing a tie when i don't/not supposed to
  • being the passenger on silent car rides, both happy and sad
  • being the driver on loud car rides
  • playing songs for the people they are about, preferably outside
  • explaning to total strangers that i have a tattoo on my arm because it's what john wilkes booth said after he killed lincoln. that and their faces when i say it
  • crying at weddings
  • getting choked up in a situation that shouldn't make me choked up and trying to play it off
  • unexpected phone calls/emails/messages
  • this
have a good day.


Whit said...

Booth said "!"?

I thought he said, "Penny for your thoughts."