Friday, February 09, 2007

Keys they complicate my life.

As a child I collected keys. I had a key ring with all sorts of different keys on it. I think I had every second key to every door/padlock/chest/drawer in my childhood home. We moved out when I was seventeen, and I threw all those keys away. I started a new collection soon after that. A couple of car keys, a couple house keys, a key to a lockbox, a nice small set. Just like the collection it soon grew to include mailbox keys, townhome keys, keys for a couple houses, for my room, for the garage, for my second room, for a door that never got used. When I moved out of that house, the glorious house on Avenue M in Lancaster, I got rid of all those keys. This is the point of origin for my current collection of keys, my most impressive to date. In chronilogical order: 3 truck keys, 2 lostwood house keys, 2 sacramento house keys, 1 gas cap key, 1 j-14 house key, 1 bike lock key, 1 texas house key, 1 storage unit key, 2 whit's house keys. That's where I stand now. I really enjoy having all these keys in my pocket. I think it has something to do with all these available safe havens, or that I am trustworthy enough to be trusted with keys, or it might just be that I like having keys that I never use.