Tuesday, March 27, 2007

in the business they call this a "booth-date"

*a booth-date is an update on a booth, particularly myself.

It's time for a list again. Here we go:

  • That map is the route I will someday take to Minneapolis. I don't know when, I don't know for how long, but it has been decided that I must go.
  • Soy-Taco is a wonderful tasty treat.
  • Black Out Tuesdays have now spread to include MuthaFuckinMondays and Where's my pants? Wednesdays. A 3 day holiday drinking festival that sometimes includes a Surprise Sunday. My liver should be moving out before I make it Minneapolis.
  • I have regained my faith in Red Bull and Vodka.
  • I am becoming a cheaper date by the day.
  • Most of my friendships are getting stronger, some are falling apart, a couple are gone forever.
  • I have a filthy mind and a filthier mouth.
  • I spend more time outside.


Whit said...

I think you have a pretty mouth.

Bill said...

Dude I heard the sewers in Minneapolis are overflowing with blood, they must know you're coming.

Bill said...