Saturday, March 03, 2007

things you realize at 3:49 in the morning

  • sleeping might help you stay alive, i might lead you to missing life
  • mid-day waitresses at breakfast restaurants should not be your proofreader
  • the purchase of gift(s) for people who know they are getting them, and fail to mention said gift when you see them next, was an ill-concived purchase
  • when you think nothing good can come from zoni's, you are right
  • never accept a third/fourth party invitation
  • always drink free beer
  • when you think you will see someone in a bed later, find the nearest sucker, bet him, reap rewards, repeat
  • if you leave a building, and you feel you should be stopped, and you're not, you were never wanted to begin with, and you should never go back.
  • the surest way to go somewhere again is to say you'll never go back
  • if two people say the same thing about someone they have very little personal knowledge of, it's probably right
  • but don't believe them till it breaks your heart
  • the squeeky wheel gets the grease, especially if you are that wheel, and you are the third/fifth
  • when you least expect it, tangled up in blue by bob dylan will make too much sense
  • letter writing is a lost art, and there are reasons why our arts are lost
  • as soon as you put down in writing you have yourself figured out, the people who you think deserve to know prove that you were just as nieve and boring as you were before.
  • 3:49 alone is better than 3:49 betrayed, even if the person didn't know they betrayed you
  • i'll make the same mistakes tomorrow


Tony from the Past said...

-Sometimes the grass that looked so greener on the other side. Was really just somebody else's shitty astroturf.

Good list Antho.

Bill said...

I just paid $.99 for that song because I didn't have it.