Thursday, March 01, 2007

swimming in the ocean at sunset - mix

Today myself and some members of the DBC are going to do a quick beach camping trip. In honor of the occasion I put together a quick 9 song mix. Enjoy!

swimming in the ocean at sunset

  • All Sown Up - Lucero
  • Sink Florida Sink - Against Me!
  • Boatless Booze Cruise - The Lawrence Arms
  • A Perfect Sonnet - Bright Eyes
  • In Your Wake - Matt Skiba
  • The Desperation's Gone - NOFX
  • See America Right - The Mountain Goats
  • You Might Be Right - Avail
  • Dead End Roads - One Reason


Eric said...

Nice mix!

anthony said...

i am going to say thank you here and also at your blog, so you know i care.