Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the neverending battle of will and want

the want: a pile of my possessions in the desert catching fire.
the will: a dirty bedroom floor.

the want: a single-finger salute to my bosses.
the will: a reverse goatee.

the want: writing new songs and singing them in circles with friends.
the will: practice? are we talking about practice?

the want: a family dinner.
the will: fake chicken, plastic plates, dr pepper.

the want: more life moments from john cusack movies.
the will: more life moments from a bootlegged movie.

the want: more.
the will: less.


Anonymous said...

I totally relate to your first want.

Right before we left NZ we drove a car absolutely jam-packed with our stuff to this really freaky tip.

It was inside a huge glasshouse, the size of three wharehouses and three storeys high. We drove up to the painted red line, parked, got out and started throwing all our wordly possessions onto the pile (which was almost a storey high). Suddenly dozens and dozens of evil birds rose up from the junk heap and started circling and sqwarking like bloodthirsty maniacs...

after about a minute my husband was yelling and shouting and cursing and hurling old chairs and clothes and text books and boxes metres into the air, everything was cracking and breaking and smashing...

he used to be a total hoarder...

it was AWESOME.